Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Attack on the 10 major Pillars of Christianity.

I want like to take this time to form a full scale assault on what I belief are the 10 core pillars of the organized religion called ‘Christianity’. It is my view that these views are not logical, and do not represent a fully enlightened spiritual perspective.

1. Anti-Abortion argument – Christians often pride themselves as being passionately against abortion. One can see hard core Christians protesting abortion near US abortion clinics. First of all, abortion hinges on the assumption that upon conception, the zygote has something called a ‘soul’ that is worth preserving for ethical reasons. To me, this is illogical thinking. The ‘soul’ is a very fuzzy concept, a concept that is rooted in a deep fear of death humans have. The truth is that the zygote at the very early stages has no brain, no heart, no spinal cord, and not even any pain receptors. Therefore, you are not killing ‘anything’. There is nothing there. It would be like saying that by boiling an egg, I am a chicken murderer. Clearly most people can identify that this is a bogus argument. However, we become totally insane when thinking about the death of a human fetus and zygote. To me, this represents a deep ingrained biological conditioning that evolution instilled in our genes in order to ensure we would work hard to keep babies alive and healthy. What is ironic is that suppose zygotes did have a soul, then abortion should be perfectly ok, as there is something eternal that will be recycled, but Christians do not even think about that deeply. They react emotionally, and say abortion is wrong because killing is wrong. However, they lack imagination and the ability to see exceptions to the rule. There are always exceptions, and someone who tries to apply one rule to all situations is a dolt. Killing is perfectly okay in many situations such as early stage abortion, the mercy killing of terminally ill patients who are suffering, and many others. Christians typically cannot see the utility of killing someone whose life isn’t worth living, and they no longer have a will to live, as the suffering is too intense. Christians are often callous, without compassion, and unable to feel for anyone because they are blinded by their belief system. Belief systems are the real evil of mankind.

2. Anti-sex argument - Christians often preach the importance of celibacy, and the fact that sex is evil, and a sin, and all the rest of it. Sex is part of our biology, and it is necessary for reproduction. It is also used for couples to express love and affection to each other. The problem is an attachment or addiction to the experience. Any pleasurable experience has the potential to totally take over your mind and consciousness, and that is the real danger of the sexual experience. However, to try to make people feel shame for merely having sexual drives and wanted to engage in the act is wrong. People need to have the right relationship to their sexuality. They cannot use it as an emotional crutch, or for emotional dependency. It is a drive that needs to be satisfied, and should be done so calmly.

3. Anti-homosexual argument - This is one of the most idiotic arguments Christians come up with. The fact that gays choose their sexual orientation, and therefore they are defying god by going against the natural order of heterosexuality. What a crock of crap. First of all, nature produces homosexuality in many other species, and those species are not guided by choice, they are guided by instincts. Humans have instincts. That is the reason why when men are walking in a mall or down the street, they find themselves staring at a beautiful woman, and they didn’t choose to do it. It was a programmed behavior. Genetically programmed. And homosexuality is a programmed behavior. People do not choose their orientations. They are attracted to who they are based on conditioning, so you cannot condemn someone merely on something as superficial as sexual orientation. Shame on Christians everywhere.

4. Just belief in Jesus and you’ll be saved argument – This is just bizarre. People tell me to just accept Jesus into my heart and I will be saved. I wish it was that easy. I am a follower of truth and a follower of enlightenment and enlightenment is tough mental work, it is questioning your thoughts, and your opinions. It involves working at making your mind as logical as possible without any crutches, dependencies or belief systems. To me, a belief system is a pacifier for the soul. It is comforting and provides security, just like the mother’s tit, but eventually you need to stop suckling the breast, and move on to cold ice water.

5. The bible is a historical document – Again, before the industrial revolution, guess that the most corrupt corporation was on the block – The church. So corrupt that the US constitution was written in such a way to remove all power of the church because they saw it as a threat to the functioning of a stable nation and democracy. So the church has a history as being a dark force that held back scientific thinkers and philosophers. Don’t you believe that such tyrants in power were capable of manipulating and distorting the bible in order to control the masses? I think it is very possible and self-evident if one examines a lot of the illogical contradictions that litter the bible.

6. Creationist Argument – Christians hate evolution because it doesn’t sit well with them. They do not want to believe that humans are not special and designed by a loving creator. Evolution explains why humans are imperfect, why there is evil, as it suggests we share a lot of behaviors with the animal kingdom, which is self-evident if you observe a tribe of humans, and then observe a group of baboons. You will see many similarities. This explanation is scientific, and it does not defy the cause-and-effect nature of reality. A Christian’s alternative is always illogical, illogical meaning they expect you to suspect all your reasoning facilities, and believe the impossible. Namely, they want you to believe in supernatural intervention that breaks the very rules of reality. They expect magical thinking, and if you bring up the law of cause-and-effect, and how reality never violates that law, they become angry and say that god can do anything. nonsense! If god can do anything, maybe he should save the 30,000 children that starved today in a puddle of their own urine and feces. Then they say oh we cannot even begin to understand the reason god does the things he does. I think we can understand everything, and we shouldn’t settle for mental blocks in our minds to settle for a belief in a personal sky daddy promising an afterlife.

7. Blind generosity argument – Christians also pride themselves on their giving spirit, but I noticed that they usually always want recognition for their good deeds. Doing something noble shouldn’t have underlying selfish motives. Christians love to do good things in order to gain brownie points in god’s nice list. They are like children trying to be good all year in order to get on Santa’s nice list. And they rarely put much thought in how they should discriminate who gets the good deeds and who doesn’t. Sometimes their choices are totally counter intuitive to rationality. For instance: they might say that we need to help the weak, so they give money to some homeless alcoholic on the street, and of course, what does he do? He tells them he will be able to eat tonight, which pleases the Christian, but then he skips down to his local liquor store, and blows it on a jug of Jimmy walker.

8. Satanic possession as an explanation for evil argument – I’m amazed when in discussion with Christians, how many still believe in nonsense such as satanic possession, and they use such explanations to explain evil. From everything we know and understand about psychology, everything we know about mental disorders, personalities, and how the mind works, people continue to invoke some magical devil force as the puppet master behind human actions. Christians are notorious for the preference of creating imaginary good and evil battles in some far off metaphysical space, and these forces are for some bizarre reason interested in fighting over who controls our species. This is like a bad super hero action flick. It’s all just too cartoony to believe. Humans do not become possessed; evil is the result of cognitive errors in reasoning, which is based on brain function. Brain function that can be understood in terms of cause and effect and one can actually analyze the causes responsible for delusions, mental blocks and immoral behavior.

9. Miracles happen argument – Again, Christians who believe in miracles expect us to accept without question the fact that events can happen that violate cause and effect. Christians need to believe that Jesus was magic, you know like a modern day Harry Potter. Maybe Jesus secretly had a wand under that religious garb of his, who knows. That is what faith is all about, it is about turning off your logical brain, and opening your mind up to the stupid. The stupid meaning accepting non sense as fact. And if you try to reason with a Christian, you will not get very far because their thinking isn’t guided by an acceptance of cause-and-effect, it doesn’t have to be, because magic is possible, so they do not have to listen to the voice of reason. If you try to explain that in ones day to day experience, no event EVER EVER violates the law of cause-and-effect, they simply do not hear you, they block it out, they know all the answers.

10. Faith as a virtue – You know that nagging skepticism and doubt that the human spirit naturally has, you know as a corrective mechanism so we as spiritual beings do not get snarled indefinitely in our own delusions, well Christians expect you to turn that part of your brain off, and just accept the whole parcel of Christian contradiction and illogic without question. And they call this whole notion of believing something without evidence or reason a virtue! The fact is that it is a virtue to remain skeptical, remain in doubt, doubt will lead you. Do not simply accept a belief because it feels good, or provides you with security, spiritual status, companionship, or that nagging feeling for a father figure who cares, Do it because it feels true which is a rarity indeed.

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  1. As with many other religions of planet earth, Christianity suffers from falsification of the true spiritual teaching to bring people under the delusion of belief, which requires subservience and submissiveness, giving up their power within to a greater higher, external power, such as a God, idol, church, state, etc.

    "Truly, you alone protect yourselves and rescue yourselves from the dangers (risks) in your existence, such as on the land, on the waters, amongst the rocks (mountains), in the air, in the firmaments (universe) and on the earths (worlds/planets) when you go out everywhere to where you want, because there are none of the fabulated (invented) gods and tin gods who can vouchsafe protection for you and rescue you because whatever is unsubstantial and delusion of the brain can neither help nor rescue nor perform miracles (outstanding things);
    and consider that even if you secretly call on gods and tin gods and make supplications to them in disparaging submissiveness, or to people of your kind (human beings) who raise themselves up as godheads or as envoys
    and representatives (substitutes) of gods and tin gods, then they can bring you neither help nor rescue, because they are fabulated (invented) gods and tin gods or people of your kind (human beings) and are powerless (incapable), therefore any help and rescue in any way is only provided by yourselves and within your power.

    Rescue yourselves through your own power from your tribulation and from all things that bring you misery and disaster, because there are neither gods nor tin gods who can liberate you from it, as well as no people of your kind (human beings) who raise themselves up as gods or tin gods or as their envoys or representatives (substitutes), because truly, all power and all support (endeavour) lies in you yourselves."